We recommend regular servicing of your fine jewellery, to make sure it is well looked-after and maintained so it can last a lifetime. We offer a complimentary check-up and cleaning service to make sure your piece is secure and looking its best, and can advise if any maintenance work is required. We recommend booking in yearly, with a more thorough re-polish/clean every few years, as to not overly distress the metal. If we assess that any maintenance work is required we will first inform you of any costs and updated timelines. For our customers based outside of the Singapore please contact us at to discuss options.


Warranty and maintenance services as described above are only available to the person/the partner of the person who purchased the covered product from Ocean Bleu (if the piece was purchased for a friend, family member, etc, please do get in touch with us for advice). Any work done to your Ocean Bleu piece (repair, sizing, any other service) by someone other than us, without prior consultation and agreement with us, will void your Manufacturer warranty.

Damage or loss that result from failure to obtain repairs or maintain the integrity of your piece are also not covered by us. This could for example include:
- Scratches, nicks and dents are inevitable to precious metal and are not considered a defect.
- Exposure to any unreasonable force or harmful conditions, improper wear/care, and improper storage. This includes cases where improper wear has caused damage resulting in loss of a stone.
- Carrying on wearing a ring that has a bent or damaged claw/mount, thus augmenting the risk of a stone falling out. Prongs can wear over time and may require restoration work as normal wear. It is the wearer’s responsibility to notify us if you need to have the claws ‘built up’ to protect the stones.
- Losing a stone or a stone falling out due to chipping /breaking caused by normal wear or impact.
- Warping the mount and/or setting caused by a significant impact to the piece.
- Tarnishing/discoloration of the piece resulting from chemical exposure (from cleaning solutions, beauty products, pool chlorine, hot tubs, and similar sources).

Please kindly note that our warranty does not apply to the replacement of a center stone. We do not provide warranties for damage due to normal wear, product loss, loss of stones, or theft of the jewellery piece.


Please contact us should you need to have your piece assessed for repair, or resized. Our team will assist with a personalized process which will vary case by case. In the case that a piece requires repair or servicing, customers will be responsible for return shipping costs. For international clients, it's important you maintain any import documentation from the time of purchase, so that if you ever need to return your piece for servicing or repair, this will be exempt from further duties and taxes. When sending your piece, ensure that all of your details, including your original order number and return address are included. If you are returning a piece for resize, please ensure the new size is included and has been accurately measured. We recommend using a courier service with full insurance to return your piece. Please ensure the shipment requires a signature on delivery and the piece is adequately packed and padded. We will not accept any liability if the piece is damaged in transit due to poor packaging. We will let you know once we have received your piece, to give you an indication of any predicted cost involved, as well as an expected turnaround timeframe.

For queries regarding repairs and resizes, please contact